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For mariners, it’s an unfortunate fact of boating life that sooner or later something will go wrong at sea that you can’t solve yourself.

Our Members pay a fee of $90 a year to insure themselves against paying significantly more if assistance or rescue at sea is required.

In that respect we are similar to how the RACQ works on land. A tow back to Port Douglas for example for a Non-Member could cost many hundreds of dollars.

For Members, the first 5 hours of towing are included in your membership fee. Members who own a boat can feel secure in the knowledge that we have all of the relevant information about their vessel and their emergency contacts in our database. With this information we are able to respond more efficiently to your needs. If the situation requires it, we are able to more confidently escalate and coordinate our response to include other land, sea and aerial emergency services.


  • Up to 5 hours of on-water assistance. Half price per hour in excess of 5 hours.
  • Better response to your call for assistance, as we already have your relevant personal & vessel information. This is VERY important in emergency situations when communications may be difficult.
  • Assistance includes battery jump starts.
  • Assistance may include provision of emergency fuel at cost.
  • Assistance may include transport of persons in need of medical assistance.


  • Discounts on courses including radio courses.
  • Other relevant marine courses available from time to time.

Core Terms and Conditions

  • Membership of Marine Rescue Port Douglas is open to any person.
  • Services will be available to that member regardless of the vessel they are on. This means that a person is covered if they are on a sea kayak, paddle board or any watercraft that has not been designated by a member.
  • A Member may include a designated boat in their membership so that regardless of who is on board the boat, full membership privileges apply. This allows a family member for instance, to take that boat out and still be covered. In other words the member doesn’t have to be aboard their designated boat.
  • Membership is for a period of 12 months commencing from the time and date of payment of the annual membership fee. It does not cover any current or known need for a specific on-water assistance event or incident at the time of payment.


Online by Credit or Debit Card

If you have an email address and wish to pay by credit or debit card, the easiest way to join is to complete this application form below and remit payment.

Price: $ 90.00
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